Full circle or...

...not so full.

Sometimes is better, circle not to be so full, so perfect. Than I still have a chance to fill it, re le make it, re- do it and every time put a little me in it. I like this little changes, that make everyday life nicer.

How about you? Do you like things like they are or you like to change them  a bit?


  1. Wow, your photos are so beautiful! I also just figured out how to translate the page so am even more excited to look through your blog. I got your email and am thrilled you want to join in the ACoLab!
    I am sorry you are having a problem using the "Submit Here" button which should bring you to my email address... you can use anikatoro@gmail.com
    Thanks and I look forward to seeing more of your work...really pretty photos...

  2. Se mi zdi, da postajavm vedno bolj taka, da imam rada stalnice ;) Ampak drobne spremembe pa vsekakor ohranjam, kajti drugače bi bilo res preveč monotono.

  3. kako ja ovo nisam koemntirala?:)
    Odlično i jako interesantno, bravo!!!


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