This weekend was ideal for living with nature. We went on Kreutzberg, hill near by. Sunny, windy and full of coloures. Automn coloures. I couldn't get enough. I was jumping around with my camera and almost forgot about my familly.:)) Now even my Sun is keep reminding me, what are the things, that I should take a foto of. He says: "Mami, look, this is so beautiful, you should take a photo", or "mami, what were you doing, you just missed this view". It's realy funny. This photo I sent to letter challenge and is E for Endless.

Even though, we miss a little of this view from seeside.

We were going to seeside a lot, when we were living in Slovenia. Now, when we are in Germany, it's too far, it's 11 hours. That's just too much. But the year will go round, and the summer will come again.
There are just three main things in the middle: Christmas, NewYear and Easter.
That is how I messure time. :))

Enjoy landscapes.


  1. Prelepo ste proveli vikend a fotografije su predivne, pune vedrine. Ja sam se nekako pronašla u ovoj drugoj, u drvetu koje izgleda kao da i samo uživa u lepoti prirode:))) - savršena fotografija!!!

  2. Odlične fotogrfije kao i uvijek Hrandica!!!

  3. Prekrasni fotki in mislim, da tudi jaz podobno merim čas kot ti ;)

  4. These are breathtaking!


  5. Wow - these photos really are breathtaking.

  6. Beautiful! The first is my favorite.

  7. Wow, so that second image is of Croatia? It's so pretty!! Great photo.

  8. Excellent photo, so peaceful looking. thank you for sharing

  9. Wow, beautiful. Love the endless one, it just goes on and on


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