Empire State of Mind- ACo Lab Challenge

The song (in title of the post) of Alicia Keys is my favorit for sometime now. I like diferent musik for diferent days, feelings...R'n'B, Rock, Pop, mix of all, I like it all.
I like Alicia's musik and voice... and this song with fit. Jay Z. is something else. Ouauu! Well for me :)))
So, this song is about life in New York. The first thing that I can remember about New York (beside high buildings, good stores and milions of people) is fire. I think I don't have to explane why. You all know, right?

With this photo I colaborate in ACo-Lab, theme Your favorite song.


  1. Super fotka, meni trenutno gori vatrica u kaminu kad ono tvoj fotka!
    Pozdrav sa 1043m.iz Gorskog kotara.

    Zondra Art

  2. Ha, ha, Zondra. Iste misli, drugi ljudi..Hvala ti!

  3. That's great! I have no idea what I'm going to do...behind!

  4. Very cool! I am so glad you participated...this round has seemed to stump many people. Very creative entry! I haven't heard the song...will have to check it out and put it with the image.
    Awesome job!

    I will let you know when the post is up.


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